Album Spotlights for May 2015

by Jeffrey Burns on May 31, 2015

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Albums in the Rok Spotlight for May 2015, from The Bad Years, Audrey Fall and Amber Edgar |


As Rokline prepares for it’s June 2015 lineup of album reviews and feature articles, I urge you to feast your ears on the studio recordings we selected to be Album Spotlights during the month of May, a distinction bestowed upon indie releases deemed worthy of your utmost attention and repeated listenings, and in the case of new releases, making them eligible for our year-end list of Favorite Albums in the annual Rokky Awards.

This past May, the honors went to three albums spread across three different countries, which included: the retro sounding, psychedelic infused, provocatively stylish indie pop on Beautiful Liar, the debut EP from Los Angeles based duo Sami Akbari & Aaron Mort, aka The Bad Years; the spacious and majestic post-rock of Latvian band Audrey Fall‘s 2014 full-length debut Mitau; and lastly, one of the finest Canadian releases of 2015 thus far, the breathtakingly beautiful 4-song EP Good Will Rise (follow-up to 2013’s riveting 2-song debut ‘Honey & Sorrow’) from alternative folk rock songstress Amber Edgar.

The Bad Years
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Audrey Fall
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Amber Edgar
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