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by Jeffrey Burns on July 21, 2015

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Indie folk-rock artist Amber Edgar’s extraordinary, soul-baring debut album ‘Good Will Rise’ |


Amber Edgar broke on to seemingly everyone’s indie music radar in stunning fashion with the release of her debut singles “Honey & Sorrow” and “Troubles” more than 2 years ago.

[Dec.31, 2013] The two songs from Amber Edgar’s debut 7″ recording possess an ‘alt-rock mingled with Lucinda Williams‘ sensibility, dripping with a raw, emotive quality that permeates the soul, with vocal & song dynamics that hint at something uniquely special still to come …

So it was with bated, and increasingly anxious anticipation that many of us waited to see what came next. The wait was certainly not in vain, and while this Innisfail AB native (now residing in Hamilton) may have begun as a visual artist who happened upon a music career, fate has definitely gotten this one right, and to the spectacular benefit of us all.

I’m inclined to use the words sheer beauty in describing the new 4-song offering titled Good Will Rise. At it’s core is a deep, dark, reflective storytelling immersed in compelling pathos, with an emotional weight that pins you down as it cracks open the facade that is human nature’s coping mechanism, to plumb the depths of sorrow, despair, and profound introspection, with the finesse of an interspersing symbolic and sardonic narrative that avoids the pitfalls of getting melodramatic or maudlin. Add to that the exquisite arrangement and fully realized acoustic accompaniement (cello, banjo, clarinet, french horn, flugelhorn) bringing unique life to this transcendent rendering of the material, wringing precise emotional depth out of every lyric and melodic turn … it’s as close to reliving the moment as a pair of headphones will allow.

The album’s soaring climax “Only In Dreams” is gloriously captured with all it’s natural essence intact, something not easily honored in the technical throes of studio production that comes late to the creative process. But one can safely assume there are no half-measures or compromises here, not with an artist as invested as this, when music is meant to be just as compelling for the listener as it was inspiring for the artist.

This has become my feel good album of 2015.



Artist Bio

Amber Edgar is a Canadian musician and songwriter. In 2013, Amber began releasing original material with the melancholic-yet-biting single “Honey & Sorrow”, followed in Spring 2015 by a quieter piece entitled “Good Will Rise”. Originally from rural Alberta, she dropped out of college after growing restless with her studies in classical voice and theology. With an electric guitar in hand, she transplanted herself to Ontario in 2008 to pursue music in a friend’s pop-punk band in Northern Ontario. They had a noteworthy performance at The Northern Lights music festival in Sudbury, and soonafter disbanded. Edgar moved on to Hamilton, where she fell in love with the city’s vibrant music scene and found many collaborative opportunities with local musicians. Edgar did bass duties on during a tour of Ontario and Québec with folk-pop trio Dark Mean in 2010, and periodically serves as guitarist and session singer for psychedelic art rock band The Foreign Films.

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