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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Indie Rock newcomers from Lyon, France – Animali |

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ANIMALI is a five member alternative pop/rock group from France whose songs are likely to entice and intrigue even the most ardent rock music cynic, because while there’s an instantly recognizable euro flavor in terms of a pervasive keyboard/synth presence, there’s also an eclectic mix in tone from one song to the next, with atmospheric shifts that go from whimsical to foreboding to eccentric. It’s always rewarding anytime a band does things that sound genuinely unique, and not necessarily in the vein of being experimental or fringe-worthy, but simply songs that chart their own course with an innate tendency to stray outside any pre-conceived formulaic framework. This band’s sound does evoke some familiar soundscapes along the lines of music industry titans Pink Floyd, Muse, and Placebo (The Alchemists), but also ventures into some interesting and rather unexpected terrain hinting at great things to come from ANIMALI, whose Debut EP is scheduled for a March 3rd release date on GOURMETS RECORDINGZ.

*NOTE: Our review is based on a media pre-release of the EP. Songs other than “The Alchemists” are not yet available to the public.

Keep Reading to learn more about the band and to check out their new Video for “The Alchemists” …




Artist Bio

submitted by ANIMALI

Put together in Lyon in 2013, Animali rises as a newcomer on the Indie Rock scene. Inspired by the psychedelic rock bands from the 70′s, they will be releasing their first EP comes March, 2014. Their music is full of references to important bands such as Pink Floyd or the Grateful Dead. You’ll also find in The Spark, and three other poorly-produced pieces of music more modern musical atmospheres reminiscent of the the Flaming Lips, Horrors

To illustrate their record single “The Alchemists”, the band trusted Jérémy N’Guyen and Maxime Servoise from Partizan/RoyalPost (Michel Gondry, Warren Fu..) with the production of a music video. The musical impression is being emphasized by the weirdness of the images, playing with senses in a kind of hallucinatory painting. An illusion that takes its roots in the movies of David Lynch, Terry Gilliam or the Wachowsky brothers.

Until summer, the band will be touring in France for the release of their EP, then they will be back in the studio for further recording.

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Keyboard, Vocal: Julien Jussey
Guitar, Vocal: Benjamin Richardier
Guitar, Vocal: Sylvain Hernandez
Drums, Vocal: Hadrien Santos Dasilva
Bass Guitar: Nicolas Mieral

Band Interview with MODZIK Magazine

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