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by Jeffrey Burns on March 12, 2018

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UK band Crushed Veneer preview 2 singles from their upcoming debut EP – Desire and the Need to Live |

For a time it seemed as though 3-chord power-pop bands had become a dime-a-dozen, like bland, seemingly soulless derivatives of a once proud punk-rock movement, inciting the all too familiar chants of Rock Is Dead .. Again. (Something mainstream music charts still seem to indicate). And yet, without fail, there is always a faithful, phoenix-like contingent unwilling to surrender the surly, volatile, sonic rebellion at the heart of so many iconic musical moments, from the ancestral scream and anarchistic audacity of Detroit’s MC5 that triggered a dissonant, power-chord revolution of epic proportion, to a cultural sea-change forged by the sheer nihilism and utter contempt of the Sex Pistols, to an ensuing creative chaos that’s never subsided but rather lives on as seminal, transformative iterations that continue to emerge and alter the musical landscape. And somewhere in the middle of all that is the steadfast, punk-rock voracity of a band like Crushed Veneer, whose music dutifully pays homage to the genre with supercharged, bone rattling intensity reminiscent of Husker Du, bathed in melodic hooks just enough to temper the savage beast without taming it.

Crushed Veneer was formed in an East London practice room in early 2017 where the band secluded themselves intent on crafting an album’s worth of songs, then honing them on the Live circuit for a period before recording their debut EP late last year at Soho Sonic Studios, with engineer Oscar Moos. It was mixed and mastered by Dave Downham (Beach Slang, Pet Symmetry) at Gradwell House Recording in New Jersey, USA.

‘Kind of Blue’ is the latest of two advance singles from the band’s upcoming debut EP ‘Desire and the Need to Live’.

Quick Bio

Crushed Veneer deliver a high energy blend of punk and indie rock, with influences ranging from The Gaslight Anthem and Beach Slang to Pixies and Dinosaur Jr, layering heartfelt lyrics on a bed of hard, fast, punk rock.

Crushed Veneer are Kieran McGrady (Vocals & Lead Guitar), Aaron Simmons (Rhythm Guitar), Al Briggs (Bass), and Bobby Khoda (Drums).

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