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by Jeffrey Burns on March 10, 2018

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If the song Gypsy Sea is any indication, Megan Nadin is a star in the making .. |

Megan Nadin’s voice is like a star that burns bright in the universe, and the attention grabbing song ‘Gypsy Sea’ is like sonic sanctuary for those who find rich reward in rootsy, pop music that can be all things genuine, splendorous and soul-stirring. A world of appreciative, grass-roots music enthusiasts awaits, and if this exceptional newcomer from Thunder Bay, Ontario isn’t charting and captivating Folk-Festival crowds by this time next year, then the world has surely become an unfamiliar place. Only time will tell. She is currently preparing to drop her debut EP in late spring.

Quick Bio

For singer-songwriter Megan Nadin, music has been a passion of hers from an early age, whether she fully realized it or not. Growing older she prioritized getting her education, as is often the case for many a budding musician, but as is also sometimes the case, fate intervened. It was while working as a volunteer English teacher at an orphanage in Cambodia that her ultimate passion reemerged, inspiration ensued,  and it soon became clear that sharing her music with the world was something she not only wanted to do, but had to do.

In the last year, she has had the opportunity to record in Toronto, New York and Nashville, and her song Gypsy Sea landed her in Canada’s Top 100 Finalists for CBC Music’s nationwide Searchlight 2018 contest.

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