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by Jeffrey Burns on November 23, 2015

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You’ve got Nothin’ To Lose and everything to gain from listening to Meghann Wright’s debut LP … soul music with a rock n’ roll heart |


Brooklyn based blues-rocker Meghann Wright released her first full-length album Nothin’ Left To Lose last June on Canadian indie label Blacktop Records, and while I may be late to the party in lavishing praise on this illustrious debut, timelines are irrelevant when it comes to appreciating music as provocative and all-encompassing as this.

Wright’s soul inspired roots rock is a specialty blend that draws parallels to multiple genres and classic influences, as finely-tuned pop music that can shift seamlessly between kicking out the jams and hard-as-folk, soul-baring balladry. The not easily earned Janis Joplin comparison certainly applies in terms of vocal style and swagger, but with a vintage sounding tone all her own (Secrets, Sunshine Through The Rain), accompanied by an interesting and eclectic mix of stylistic forays, all deftly executed and commanded by a voice possessing the sonic boom of iconic predecessors Grace Slick, Ann Wilson, and Melissa Etheridge (Diamonds Blaze, Most Wanted), contrasted in varying degrees by a captivatingly edgy, alt-blues sensibility akin to contemporaries Joan Osbourne (The River) and Elle King (Black Kiss).


Meghann Wright


And the intrigue doesn’t stop there, because beyond the majesty of this intricately defined roots-rock album, this Hawaiian born, Joplin-esque folk-singer of poetic proportions is also the founder of The City & The Heart, one of New York’s top advocacy organizations in supporting independent female artists and bringing awareness to Domestic Violence. This has become a major focus of hers since establishing the project in 2013, hosting showcases that raise money for women’s shelters as well as producing two compilation albums of Brooklyn-based female singer-songwriters (engineered by Will Hensley). All proceeds are donated to to benefit victims of domestic abuse.

This is philanthropy at it’s artistic best, and a profoundly relevant and worthwhile showcase of singer-songwriters clearly suited to represent, much the way Meghann Wright’s musical presence so aptly represents an under-appreciated and often ignored genre of female-driven, modern roots rock, that which can boast the likes of Colleen Rennison (No Sinner), Lisa Joyce (Joyce Island), Emma-Lee, Kate Rogers, Samantha Martin, Kathleen Edwards … and those are just some Canadian examples (which I’ve included in compliance with this blog’s self-imposed Cancon commitment).

Mehgann Wright sings about having Nothin’ Left To Lose, and clearly, as long as she keeps singing we have everything to gain.

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