by Jeffrey Burns on September 7, 2015

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PINE’s self-released debut ‘you bury me’ sets a high bar for ambient, alternative emo rock … *photo: Paul Dzioba |


The six member sad-rock band from Ottawa has chosen a rather sombre moniker, one that ties in directly to their music’s overall theme regarding matters of the heart, more specifically the heartbreaking despair of longing for someone or something that eludes us, and which has absolutely nothing to do with the coniferous trees commonly associated with living in the Great White North.

And with that identifying sentiment, coupled with a debut album title said to signify “a declaration of one’s hope that they’ll die before another person because of how difficult it would be to live without them ..“, there seems ample warning here to brace oneself for a deep, dark journey of self-indulgent introspection, risky territory if you’ve hitched your wagon to little more than bold, passionate ambition. Well, when pulling back the curtain on PINE it quickly becomes evident there’s not a contrived moment to be heard lurking anywhere, in fact the three indelible tracks on ‘you bury me’ are quite spellbinding in the way they capture and convey raw, earnest emotion (Darlene Deschamps’ layered vocal agility) with such tactful, sonic vibrance, crafting some of the finest ambient-alternative rock I’ve heard to date. [See Also Moon, Down The Lees]

Not much is known about the band (in terms of what I could glean from the internet), but one noteworthy development since the release of this exceptional debut (back in January) is that it caught the discerning ear of American indie label Take This To Heart Records based in Westfield Massachusetts, who have signed and paired them with Cleveland Ohio’s Dead Leaves for a Split EP now slated to be released in early November.



Filmed by Paul Dzioba. Edited by Darlene Deschamps & Paul Dzioba.



hey dear, its been way too long since that year. i see us in october skies, don’t let us die.

hey dear, the skyline shouts our names to the air. we cross the shore, we never care, we have time to spare.

hey dear, you’ve been lost and found but i see you everywhere. dirty streets, a pack of players, i need you here.

hey dear, the fiction you wrote has brought us here, i packed your bags they’re in your room. don’t come round too soon.

you let our pieces go, lost into brown eyes and rainy days. i know you worked hard for my life, but you lost your dignity in fast food joints and oil rigs. never wanted wealth, just a love that lasts, dropping arms, closed chests and clenched fists, hold me tight. cause you still belong somewhere, a part of me as always. writing letters to ghosts.


PINE - OPttawa indie rock

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Holden Egan, Will Lepine, Tyler T Snitch Nickel, Ian Hobson, Joey Demers and Darlene Deschamps.
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