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by Jeffrey Burns on June 15, 2015

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These Pop-Rock renegades are so much more than just the ultimate party band ..

This hearty group of power-pop misfits from Sudbury Ontario grabbed my attention back in November 2013 with the release of their first full-length album ‘Lucid Living’, an infectious medley of punk, ska, pop and rock that turned out to be one of the year’s most interesting records. The Almighty Rhombus is one of those multi-faceted indie bands that’s tricky to label or slot into a specific sub-genre, because beyond the main course of light-hearted, hyper-pop intensity there looms an edgier, introspective tone, at times punctuating a somewhat abstract narrative that makes for some engaging interpretations of the songs. While the sonic shifts are subtle enough to maintain a rock and roll revelry throughout, it reveals a sophistication that lurks nimbly within a cross-section of time-honored stylistic forays, like a restless, disparate fusion of 80s new wave and 90s alternative/garage rock.

The manifest progression from their eponymous debut (released just months prior) is that of an even more confident, cohesive and provocative rendering, bolstering a signature songcraft and persona that makes the appeal of these Pop-Rock renegades almost impossible to resist. Not only are they forging a refreshingly different spin on a rock-hybrid, like a mashup of Elvis Costello and The Attractions, Ween, Sloan and Hot Hot Heat, but the vortex of their manic musical energy suggests they could be the ultimate Live Band, more spectacle than performance. And what could be more rock and roll than that ?




In the year-and-a-half since their last album release, the band has gone on to do a variety of notable things, which includes: playing host to an epic underground festival dubbed The Big Basement Show …. releasing a cover of Sloan’s The Good In Everyone …. performing at Canadian Music Week …. making the regional finals in CBC’s Searchlight Contest …. and most recently, releasing a refreshingly unique music video for their standout single Down South, as well as embarking on a spring tour of eastern Canada.


So what’s next ? Surely there’s a new album in the works .. and will their 2015 Touring schedule eventually bring them out west ? Or Down South ? The future of any indie band is a strained and uncertain one at best, but my hope is that there’s a lot left to look forward to from as unique a creative collective as this one.

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Latest Video, for the song Down South – Published on Apr 22, 2015
Michael Kenny-Guitar/lead vocals
Clayton Drake-Keys/backup vocals
Keegan McDonald- guitar
Laura Willett-bass/backup vocals
Carter Drake-Drums/backup vocals
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