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by Jeffrey Burns on May 8, 2015

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Vancouver band The Good In Everyone prepare for Canada-wide Tour with fellow folk rockers Alea Rae [Q&A Sesh]


There’s really no better indicator of what’s hip or artistically relevant in any given musical era than the college radio charts, a bold litmus test often reflective of young hearts and minds driven beyond the culturally stagnant confines of the status quo, and not simply for trends’ sake, but primarily spurred on by the adventure of discovery, the integrity of innovation, or that which simply endeavors to explore. And luckily for listeners, that pursuit is an easy one.

In amongst the crush of today’s formidable indie music scene it’s easier than ever to get lost in the endless tide of bravely creative musical expression, so much so that it’s especially notable when a struggling artist does make a splash, one that resonates on the strength of a grass roots movement that embraces what they’ve created.

Vancouver quartet The Good In Everyone is one such example of a largely unassuming, artistically driven alternative folk rock band whose musical artistry has garnered a lot of attention since releasing their debut EP in April 2014. Already they’ve achieved noteworthy milestones such as: glowing reviews in prominent indie publications [UBC’s Discorder Magazine and Beatroute BC]; inspired on-air features with several major campus radio stations across western canada; and a 4-song debut album that’s raced up and consistently occupied college radio charts across the country. NOTE: They also ranked 16th in our ROKKY AWARDS category for Favorite Emerging Artists of 2014.




So it only seems logical that the next step would be to set off on a Canada-wide tour, one that stretches all the way to Montreal and back over the course of a month (May-June), and includes fellow alt-folkies and Vancouverites Alea Rae.

To provide some additional background and insight on The Good In Everyone, the following is a Q&A sesh with guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Nick Russell …

NOTE: The Tour kicks off Thursday May 21st at The Fox Cabaret in Vancouver, w/ musical guests Alexandria Maillot and Dante Hadden. Complete tour dates can be viewed at the end of this article.

Q&A Sesh


ROKLINE: Are you guys surprised at all the positive buzz your debut Ep has generated, and is that the impetus for this canada-wide tour? Will you be rolling out new songs for a forthcoming album?

TGIE: I think that we expected the EP to find an audience, but the size of the response that we’ve received has been unexpected and inspiring. Part of the surprise is due to the fact that the EP was recorded in under 48 hours before one of us left town two summers ago. Most of the vocal and instrumental tracks you hear on the record were done in just one or two takes out of necessity. We really didn’t know what we had until Paul Boechler got back to us with his mixes, which we were really impressed with.

Our set at the moment includes 5 unreleased songs that will be included on the full-length that we plan on recording this fall. It will be nice to not have to rush in studio and really make use of the technology at our disposal this time. We’re excited with the direction that the new songs are taking us in, and think that our audiences on the forthcoming tour will agree!

ROKLINE: What’s your history with tour-mates Alea Rae ?

TGIE: The two bands originally met via Vancouver Co-op Radio’s Y57 Media, for which both were featured artists. There was an immediate mutual appreciation for one another’s music and we ended up playing together several times over the course of 2014, including one another’s EP release shows. We’ve only had good experiences working with them. They’re consummate professionals who aren’t afraid to put in the time doing the grunt work necessary to promote shows, book tours and improve as musicians.




ROKLINE: Favorite or most memorable moments of 2014?

TGIE: Our EP release show at the Biltmore was a great night, and going number one on Queen’s University’s radio station was an unexpected highlight. However, I think that our fall tour of BC and Alberta was our most memorable moment. We love being on the road and how it allows us to become better friends and a more cohesive team of musicians. Small town venues are lots of fun to play, and meeting the locals after sets always makes for a fun night.

ROKLINE: I’m not afraid to ask the obvious, so is the band actually named after the SLOAN song of the same name, and why that one?

TGIE: Yes, it is! I’ve been in too many projects that laboured over choosing a name, only to decide on something that didn’t make everyone happy. To streamline the process this time I took a list of song titles from bands I like that I thought could serve as band names, and The Good In Everyone stood out as the best choice. At this point I’m not sure if it’s best understood ironically or not. In the news its been a tough year and a half for people who like to think people are inherently good. Regardless, I like the idea that people going to our shows will have to say that they’re “going to see The Good In Everyone”.

ROKLINE: Was there ever a plan to create this particular alt-folk style, or is it a naturally occurring result of what everyone brings to the table? What’s everyone’s background?

TGIE: The philosophy of the band is rooted in the idea that everyone has something unique to contribute, and that the confluence of different contributors makes for interesting music. We never set out for a particular sound – if we have a recognizable sound it’s the product of us playing together for so long, anticipating one another’s contributions and filling the leftover space with a part that enhances the song and reflects our own personal influences.

While the EP may come across as alt-folk, I’m not sure that our new songs or live show fit that genre. The feel of the debut EP was partly a product of the recording circumstances, which didn’t necessarily allow us the time to make the songs as layered, loud, and rocking as our live show. We were also getting to know the songs when we recorded them, whereas they are like old friends now who have become more rambunctious as time has passed.

All of the band members have serious musical backgrounds. Just about everyone has classical training on the piano or violin, we have two ex-saxophonists, one former cellist, and pretty well everyone has shuffled between bass, guitar, drums and keys at some point in their recent musical career. With these different instruments come a variety of influences, from jazz to folk to rock to classical and everything in between. We like to think that these varying influences help make our songs engaging, with unexpected twists and turns to keep the listener guessing.

ROKLINE: Aside from your forthcoming tour with Alea Rae, which is taking you to Montreal and back in late May and June, are there any imminent releases or features we can look forward to?

TGIE: Aside from the tour, whose dates you can find on our site, Facebook page or on songkick, people interested in new content can look forward to a video series that we’re releasing prior to tour in concert with Big Smoke Records. It was recorded at The Farm Studios at FaderMountain Sound and features a brand new unreleased track called Ritual Smiles. The video of Shambolic has been released via the Big Smoke youtube channel – stay posted for the others!

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all dates w/ Alea Rae

5/21 Vancouver, BC @ Fox Cabaret w/ Alexandria Maillot and Dante Hadden
5/28 Banff, AB @ HI Alpine Centre
5/29 Edmonton, AB @ Brixx w/ We Were Friends and Run Deer Run
5/30 Calgary, AB @ Nite Owl w/ The Ashley Hundred and I Am The Mountain
5/31 Saskatoon, SK @ The Capitol w/ We Were Friends and Matt Stinn
6/3 Sudbury, ON @ The Townehouse
6/4 Toronto, ON @ The Piston w/ Noble Oak and Bare Claws
6/5 Guelph, ON @ Van Gogh’s Ear w/ Cool Hands and Shore Thing
6/6 Ottawa, ON @ Avante-Garde Bar w/ The Haig and Kaylie Seaver
6/7 Montreal, QC @ Divan Orange w/ Grand Lark and The Nobodies
6/9 Kingston, ON @ The Mansion w/ Kasador
6/11 Thunder Bay, ON @ The Foundry w/ Android 16 & Don’t You(,) Mean People?
6/12 Winnipeg, MB @ Suite 421 w/ Hearing Trees and Micah Visser
6/13 Moose Jaw, SK @ Common Café
6/14 Regina, SK @ Club at The Exchange w/ Nick Faye and The Deputies
6/16 Cranbrook, BC @ The Byng

Nick Russell – Guitar/Vocals/Songwriter
Ben Mott – Guitar
Laura Genschorek – Piano/Synth/Vocals
Jamison Gladysz – Drums
Luke Creighton – Bass
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