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by Jeffrey Burns on February 16, 2015

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One of Rokline’s Favorite Albums of 2014 was the Rootsy Pop-Rock LP Huron by Toronto four-piece Trevor James & The Perfect Gentlemen (included in our Rokky Awards Top 20). The intrinsic power of these tightly woven, melodically driven songs is impossible to ignore, ranging from high energy Folk-pop (Heroes, Daylight) to impassioned introspection (A Woman’s Pain, Preacher) to simmering blues-jazz virtuosity (Run Away From It All, Misanthropy’s Easy), luring the listener in methodically and subconsciously in stages, as any fully realized and superbly crafted album is capable of doing.

Huron is the band’s 3rd album (preceded by their self-titled debut in 2008, and the Community EP in 2010), produced last winter at Beach Road Studios by Juno award winner Siegfried Meier and released October 21st, 2014 via Blacktop Records. This is undoubtedly a milestone for an obscure band in their relative infancy, led by lead vocalist and guitarist Trevor James, brandishing a signature sound and style that accomplishes the requisite task of distinguishing oneself from the pack, especially at a time when so many are vying for real estate in a significantly crowded indie-rock space. It probably doesn’t hurt that Trevor James’ impressive vocal bears some resemblance to BNL frontman Steven Page’s, not only in wonderfully adept tone, but in that dynamically robust fashion that breathes unique sonic life into a song. It’s magic … you either have it or you don’t. In fact, this is the perfect marriage between exemplary songwriting and soulfully channelled execution, that which demands a lot more attention from audiences pining for a roots-rock band as good as any you’ll find in this country.




Artist Bio

Whether it’s the inviting, honest nature of the songs, the irresistible melodies or the unique vocal styling of Trevor James himself – there’s something undeniably addictive about the sound of Trevor James and his backing band The Perfect Gentlemen.

Trevor James & the Perfect Gentlemen delivered a debut Self-titled album in the spring of 2008 released on Canadian label – Pop Culture Records/ Fontana North) This debut effort is loaded with honest hard working lyrics and melodies.

Armed with an impressive work ethic, an affinity for touring and huge crossover potential between indie / mainstream, it won’t be long before this band is on everyone’s radar.

Trevor and his band also independently released a soft-more effort in the winter of 2010. COMMUNITY EP – a winter record comprised of 5 brand new songs that easily show a maturity and growth that is bound to bring great things their way.

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